• Dan Hansen – 2010
  • Evergreen,
  • 30″ Scapes,
  • Mid Season,
  • Re-blooms,
  • 6″ Flower,
  • 4 – way branching
  • 28 bud count
  • Northern tested Z5

What a dazzling flower!  Advertising her splendor with raspberry petals and sepals the ostentation of this flower really must be seen to be appreciated!  Petals are round and slightly re-curved with a magnificent scalloped white watermark and large green throat.  This exhibitionist look is often imitated but rarely duplicated, especially when you combine it with a robust, vigorous plant and big blooms! TRIXIE LaTOUR is the girl everyone is after! Out performs in northern gardens!

  • Fertile
  • Pod Parent: Outback Red  X  Roses In Snow)  X  Chicks Dig It]  X  Seedling)
  • Pollen Parent: Robin Lee

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