• Dan Hansen – 2014
  • #1ROOL
  • Evergreen
  • 32″ Scapes
  • 5.5″ Flowers
  • 4-way branching
  • 20 bud count
  • Mid Season
  • Northern tested Z5
  • Re-blooms

Like a heat wave ripping through California, this daylily looks LIKE WILDFIRE that you’d see out west on a hot summer night.  A burning orange throat lights the bloom ablaze and spreads out to a red flame which engulfs the entire flower with crimson-rust and orange-scarlet bonfires. A thin, glowing light orange edge lights up the silhouette of this burning polychrome.

  • Fertile
  • Pod Parent: ROBIN LEE
  • Pollen Parent: SEXY SAVANNAH

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