• Dan Hansen – 2017
  • Round
  • 5″ Bloom,
  • 24″ Scape height,
  • 3 way Branching,
  • 15 Bud count,
  • Season Mid.
  • Reblooms

Chan Dom  Named for my wonderful helper, keeper of the daylilies, sorter of seed, and woman of few spoken words, whose heart is as beautiful as this flower. If it were not for Chan Dom, I would not be able to do what I do. She worked for my mother, many years ago, and I am lucky enough to have her still helping me today. Of Laotian descent, and Buddhist religion, Chan Dom is meticulous in her work and powerful in her gentle spirit. She chose this daylily as her favorite  – a beautiful, sunfast, sculpted ruby red with carved, triangular yellow throat & thickly ruffled edge – this daylily has proven itself day after day in my Florida garden and has never been less than stunning. I am thankful to have such a wonderful lady helping me with my quest for beautiful dayliles!

  • NOT Fertile
  • Pollen Parent: unknown

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