• Dan Hansen 2017
  • #5OF
  • Round
  • 6″ Bloom,
  • 30″ Scape height,
  • 6 way Branching,
  • 25 Bud count,
  • Season Mid.
  • Reblooms

Early to bed, early to rise…but what happens once we rise? We are thankful for another blessed day and we show our appreciation by waking up with the glowing star responsible for life on this planet as we know it. A fire throat explodes with unlimited energy into the orbicular rose-gold petals where it is transmitted through solar flares into a ruby and gold ruffled edge. Each day is a gift; as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, we honor our lives by taking care of our bodies and minds through yoga practice, which always begins with warming SUN SALUTATIONS.

  • Fertile
  • Pod Parent:  seedling
  • Pollen Parent: LIKE WILDFIRE


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