• Dan Hansen 2012
  • Evergreen
  • 28″ Scapes,
  • Early Season,
  • Reblooms,
  • 6″ Flowers,
  • 3 way branching,
  • 15 bud count,

“Good men through the ages, trying to find the sun, and I wonder, still I wonder who’ll stop the rain?” The Credence Clearwater Revival song reminds me of this flower, like calm before the storm, the bright lime green throat seeks out the sun for warmth with a deluge of unique Amethyst that just saturates the bloom.  A pristine cream edge flows gently over the petals and adds extreme contrast to the bloom to the vibrant shades of violet in the watermark. “Still the rain kept pourin’, fallin’ on my ears, and I wonder, still I wonder, WHO’LL STOP THE RAIN?”

  • Fertile
  • Pod Parent: seedling
  • Pollen Parent: Aunt Kathryn

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