• Dan Hansen-2018
  • Evergreen
  • 6SKB
  • 26″ Scape
  • 6″ Flower
  • Early Season
  • 4-way branching
  • 15 bud count
  • Rebloom

Round cream with deeply carved rose red eye and wide edge, striking green throat. Blooms for months for me!

The signs and symbols that show up in life can mean different things to different people. A sign could be a person who resembles a person from our past, a flower similar to ours but in a different garden, or a quote that you hear over and over while thinking of someone or something. SYNCHRONICITY is when we have multiple signs and symbols pointing us in a direction…the universe/God/spirit is trying to tell us something and we should continue to pay attention.


  • Pod Parent: Unknown
  • Pod parent: Dressed Like a Lady

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