• Dan Hansen – 2013
  • # 1nR
  • Evergreen
  • 28″ Scapes
  • 5″ Flowers
  • 5-way branching
  • 28 bud count
  • Mid Season
  • Re-blooms

A large chartreuse chamber throat says “put up your dukes” as it aims its gun barrel  midrib at the other non-pleated flowers in the garden. I’ve found that pleated flowers open better on cool mornings than non-pleated flowers! Straight from the chamber comes red violet pleated petals that are peppered with Annie Oakley style ruffled edges. I learned a long time ago from my dad that honesty was the best policy and to always be a STRAIGHT SHOOTER. SCULPTED PLEATED, red violet. pink watermark, lighter mid rib, and large yellow throat.

  • Fertile
  • Pod Parent: PURSED LIPS
  • Pollen Parent: ABSOLUTE RIPPER


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