• Dan Hansen – 2014
  • #1RENE4
  • Evergreen
  • 28″ Scapes
  • 6″ Flowers
  • 3-way branching
  • 18 bud count
  • Early Season
  • Re-blooms
  • No clumps, sorry only double fans are available at this time.

Always a forward thinker, SAME LOVE shows that edge-no-eyes can be done with elegance and sass.  An amazing ruby-red edge blazes around the tips of the gay, creamy, white petals and sepals, never missing a beat or fading.  This beauty is untainted by any “judging” eye color; mainstream thinking is a thing of the past because as Macklemore & Ryan Lewis would tell you, “Whatever God you believe in, we come from the same one, strip away the fear, underneath, it’s all the same love.”

  • Fertile
  • Pod Parent: HOLLER BACK GIRL
  • Pollen Parent: ROBIN LEE

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