• Dan Hansen – 2012
  • #0NPA9
  • Evergreen
  • 36″ Scapes
  • 5.25″ Flowers
  • 5-way branching
  • 25 bud count
  • Early Early Season
  • Northern tested Z5
  • Reblooms

Coming from the Latin word gēnomos which literally means “earth-dweller”, gnomes are thought to live underground and guard precious treasures there.  Folklore has it that the sun’s rays will turn gnomes into stone and so the gnomes avoid this by spending the daytime as toads. Gnomes also have fabled powers which allow them to do many things, such as find injured or dying animals for which they feel they are responsible for, because of their love for nature and animals, all the creatures of the forest are friends of the gnome.  In flower form, almond petaloids keep parallel the subterranean colors of the earth and a green yellow throat allows the GUARDING GNOMES to see everything going on in the garden with it’s mystical eye of cerise, lavender, white, and blue.

  • Fertile
  • Pollen Parent: unknown

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