• Dan Hansen – 2018
  • Evergreen
  • #5OB
  • 30″ Scape
  • 7″ Flowers
  • Early-Mid Season
  • 4-way branching
  • 18 bud count
  • Re-blooms

After a full day of sun, everything around is glowing hot from the heat. A thin veil of orange sand and salt lingers on the horizon. Radiant, full of energy and joy, like a round, glowing orange sun with light orange rays (sepals) all around it, GOAN NIGHTS reminds me of the west coast of India. Loping petals and ruffles linger like children on summer break hiding in the recurved shade of the orange heat. A beautiful gold midrib extends across the petals of this orange bi-tone as if it were built and blessed by the Krishna himself.

  • Fertile
  • Pod Parent: MISS MONEY PENNY
  • Pod parent: unknown

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