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Height: 24 inches (60.96 cm)
Season: Mid Late Season
Branches: 4
Buds: 20
Diameter: 5.75 inches (14.605 cm)
Foliage:  Evergreen
Parentage: (Wolf Pack x  Ladybug Odyssey)

It comes along once in a while, you find that glowing chartreuse throat expanding through the universe into an indigo blue center and beyond that, LADYBUG BLUE MOON is shining in your garden and reflecting it’s beauty all around. Clear pale petals host moon dusted teeth with indigo blue edges to match the spaced out blue eye. If you’re lucky enough to see a blue moon, just know the blue moon sees you too!

Blue eye and edge on near white sends me to the moon! Big eye broken by dark veins, matching toothy edge, V shaped eye on sepals and solid green center. One of the best from YOGA MAN!

Fertile both ways!