• Dan Hansen 2017
  • Round
  • 6″ Bloom,
  • 28″ Scape height,
  • 4 way Branching,
  • 20 Bud count,
  • Season EE,
  • Everbloomer another

Cruising through the waters of life can become a monotonous task until something splendid catches your eye. Like a flag on the open ocean telling you to pay attention, DIVER DOWN will remind you to slow down and check your surroundings. Gorgeous, sunfast, cherry petals wave outside of a creamy eye  and foamy cream edge. Who’s ready to go for a swim? GOOD performer! Opens on cool mornings, holds color on hot days! Blooms four months for me!

Easy fertile. Pod Parent :  SDL    Pollen Parent :

  • Fertile
  • Pod Parent: seedling X LIKE WILDFIRE
  • Pollen Parent: FORTUNATE SON X SDL