*CAKE AND CHAMPAGNE  (Dan Hansen, SPRING 2013)  $125

  • Dan Hansen-2013
  • Evergreen
  • 26″ scape
  • 6″ Flower
  • Early Season
  • 3-way branching
  • 15 bud count
  • Rebloom

Welcome to the party! Wouldn’t it be nice if every party you attended was as fun and jubilant as this? Bubbly rose petals bring excitement and chatter to the double world as they rise to the occasion and tickle your senses.  Once you’ve toasted to this early bloomer, feel free to dig in with your spoon and enjoy the fluffy yellow watermark and chartreuse throat of the tasty cake center. Everyone should have CAKE AND CHAMPAGNE  at their garden party! 50% DOUBLE, rose with yellow edge and watermark, yellow green throat.

  • Fertile
  • Pod parent: SDLG
  • Pollen parent: KAY DAY

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