• Dan Hansen 2017
  • #4BB
  • Round
  • 5.5″ Bloom
  • 27″ Scape height
  • 3 way Branching
  • 15 Bud count
  • Season Early
  • Reblooms

Close your eyes, imagine there are flowers all around you, each one of them begging for your attention and praise, when suddenly you see something you have always sought. A dazzling array of violet, indigo, and azure draw you in for a closer look. Well-formed white teeth smile around the soft chartreuse throat, creamy petals and sepals hold you in a gentle trance while you catch your breath. You slowly open your eyes, one step closer to the elusive, true-blue, with a wonderful plant and a surreal plan.

  • Pod Parent: #0BE
  • Pollen Parent: CROSSOVER

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