• Dan Hansen – 2012
  • 26″ Scapes
  • 6.5″ Flowers
  • 4-way branching
  • 20 bud count
  • Early Early Season

It is said that Aztec rulers used polished obsidian to create double-sided mirrors and they used these mirrors to oversee their subjects. By gazing into one side of the mirror the ruler could see his subjects and from the other side the subjects could see their own reflection. AZTEC SUN MIRROR is a deific example of a bright, mirror-like flower; reflecting the sunny yellow of the petals onto the complex eye of cerise, a lavender band, yellow throat and mystical violet veins this daylily will have you seeing yourself in it’s eye.

  • Fertile
  • Pod Parent: BLOW YOUR HORN
  • Pollen Parent: DAISY DUKES

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