• Dan Hansen 2011
  • Narrow
  • 35″ Scapes
  • Early Season
  • Re-blooms
  • 10″ Flowers
  • 3 way branching
  • 15 bud count
  • Northern tested Z5

An Aussie term to describe many things such as: a surfer “ripping the bag” out of a wave (which means making hard turns surfing!!), a smartly batted ball in cricket, even a really fast auto! A huge narrow purple flower sprawls out on top of 35″ scapes, a yellow throat shines like the sun and glows out to a white midrib that pierces the tips of the petals and causes large white sharks teeth to break out onto the edges. Whether you’re shredding up a great wave or making a toothy cross in your garden, you want an ABSOLUTE RIPPER!

  • Pollen fertile, NO PODS.
  • Pod Parent: [TOOTH x MORT MORSS) x sdlg]
  • Pollen Parent: PURPLE PAJAMAS

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