Ra Hansen's Guide to Daylilies

(scans from LADYBUG catalogs)

March 1993

March 1994

Ra Hansen and Gordon Riggle

March 1995

March 1996


March 1997

March 1998

February 1999

This was her last catalog, a chore she looked forward to every year. In her last months, she was racked with extreme pain but not a word was said until I took the catalog to the printer. Upon my return she had me take her to the hospital where on Valentines' Day she left this world. I miss her everyday and her words still ring true for me. If you spent less than an hour with her you probably did not like her much, if you gave her two hours of your time a mutual respect was probably started, if you lasted four hours - a life long friendship was attained. I was truly blessed to have two GREAT parents who to this day I try to please with my behavior. Thru me and my brother and all her friends and of course her daylilies - she lives on!!!! Thank you ALL! dan


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