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General Listing of Cultivars from R-S

Symbols and Abbreviations Key:
Tetraploids                ++ Double form             # Spider, UFO, or just narrow             ^ Small flowers over 3”
Miniatures                                                                                                No symbol
- large Diploids over 4 .5 inches.
- evergreen  (tries to keep its foliage during the winter)                          SEV - semi-evergreen (foliage is less in winter than EV
- dormant (no foliage in winter)                     E - blooms early                 M - blooms Midseason
- blooms late                Re - re-blooms (more than 1 scape per fan)        EXT - Extended bloom (stays open after dark!)
- nocturnal (opens at night, wide open at sunrise)                               EMO - Early Morning Opener
- bud count                  BR - branching              Frag - fragrant                   EZ - Eyezone
- single fan                     DF - double fan (or 2 singles)                                     C - clump (at least 3 fans)

CLUMPS OFFERED unless otherwise mentioned!


*RASPBERRY FLAMBE (Chris Rogers 08)  C $15
Ev, 36” scapes, E, Re, 6” flowers, Round Red with veined Pink watermark white edge on all segments and yellow green throat. BR 4 BC 20 Fertile. Vigorous, great increaser, tall and happy!



*RASTA BEATS    (Dan Hansen Spring 2010) $40C
Evergreen, 24" Scapes, Mid Season, Re-blooms, 6" Flowers, From the heart of the tropics comes this dreamy flower where white petals are resplendent with a deep purple edge. Caribbean vibes continue onto the harmonic white sepals and trickle down into the balmy yellow throat. This hot edge-no-eye is sure to "stir it up" in any garden! Fertile! Bud Count 18, Branching 3

{[(Pink Intrigue X Seedling) X Ocean Front Property] X Audrey McNeal}



RATCHET GIRL  (Dan Hansen, FALL 2013)  $70C

EVERGREEN, 40" SCAPES, EARLY SEASON, RE-BLOOMS, 6" FLOWERS, 5 WAY BRANCHING, 20 BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS!  sdl# 2nET Sculpted pleated, narrow tall cream yellow with pale rose eye yellow to green throat.





 *REACH FOR IT $20    (Hansen-D., 2008)

height 33", bloom 7", season M, Rebloom, Evergreen, Tetraploid, 21 buds, 4 branches, Unusual Form Crispate,  Sand lilac yellow with lilac eye above yellow green throat.

(Sidewinder Oh Seven × Judge Nancy)



*RICOCHET RUFFLES     (Chris Rogers 2007)     C $20
EV, 32" scapes, E, Re, 6" flowers, Tet, POLYtepal!! Polys at least 90% of the time. Large pink petals and sepals with a white flash on the midrib. Yellow throat and green heart. Pollen fertile – Pod diff. 3-Way Branching. Ext /Noc. 17 BC.   ( HOT PINK FURY X MOUNT HERMAN MARVEL )


* RIP SAW  (Dan Hansen 2012)  $100DF

Looking narrow and starved for a bite, this Lavender flower lurks around looking for anything that dares to walk past it!  This huge lavender flower has a yellow-green triangular throat that occupies the center of the bloom and large white sharks teeth monopolize both the petals and sepals. Aciculate and finely honed, RIP SAW is absolutely stunning in the garden with its huge flowers, tall scapes and excellent branching! Evergreen 46" Scapes, Early Season, Reblooms, 9" Flowers, 5 way branching, 24 bud count, Fertile pollen, no pods! (unknown × unknown)



SEV, 36”, Early Midseason, Recurrent, 8”.  Narrow form, Burgundy in color with a Black cherry eye, some white teeth and chartreuse throat.  This large loud daylily will wake up the neighborhood, demands to be seen! 3 way branching. 18 BC.


*ROCK THE CASBAH    (Dan Hansen Fall 2010)    $30
Evergreen, 32" Scapes, Mid Season, Re-blooms, 6" Flowers, "As the wind changed direction and the temple band took five, the crowd caught a whiff of that crazy Casbah jive!"  It wasn't always cool to like rock and roll, but when you've got a red hot daylily like this one, it reminds you of why it's worth it to be different!  This re-curved deep red flower with a ruffled thin white edge and yellow-green throat is like ALL my reds: does not water spot and holds up well to the sun (Florida tested with no shade cloth)!  ROCK THE CASBAH is for those who love rock and roll, the armed services and sizzling red daylilies that increase rapidly! Fertile, Bud Count 20, Branching 4
(Seedling  X  Maroon Mischief)

 *ROBIN LEE  (Dan Hansen Spring 2010)    $60DF

Evergreen, 32" Scape, Early Season, Re-blooms, 7" Flowers  
Look out boys, here she comes! Absolutely radiant in
Radical Red or saturated Rose petals this flower has everything: large bloom, clean color, tall scape, bud count and branching! Plump blunt sepals and petals are fringed with an exquisite white edge on the outside and a dark pink halo on the inside followed by a chartreuse throat.
Very Fertile! Bud Count 22, Branching 4  
(Geneva Rockin’ Robin X Cindy Daniel)  

*ROMAN SENATOR  (Dan Hansen, 2014)  $150DF    #8VENE


EVERGREEN, 22" SCAPES, EARLY EARLY SEASON, RE-BLOOMS, 5" FLOWERS, 4 WAY BRANCHING, 20 BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS!  Round with near white petals and wide dark Tyrian or Imperial Purple border, yellow throat. The badge of office of a Roman Senator was a stripe of Tyrian purple on their white toga. Represents 10 yrs of line breeding, first bloomed it 6 years ago! HOLLER BACK GIRL X GIRLS GONE WILD



*RON'S CURLS  (Dan Hansen, 2014)  $150DF    #1PUT

EVERGREEN, 28" SCAPES, EARLY EARLY SEASON, RE-BLOOMS, 8" FLOWERS, 4 WAY BRANCHING, 20  BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS! Narrow UF crispate, sepals curl and pinch, with a large bright yellow throat  purple petaloids and edged in large white sharks teeth! Named by Ron Bonner! PLEASURE SPIKED WITH PAIN X OPAL'S DREAM



*ROSE AND ASHES    (Dan Hansen Fall 2010)    $15
Evergreen, 30" Scapes, Mid Season, Re-blooms, 6" Flowers, Narrow, Emerging from the dust of the earth is a flower with the much sought after speckled effect!  A yellow throat grows into consistently speckled rose and white petals and sepals.  Powdered midrib pairs nicely with petals that sometimes pleat "origami" style.  A unique breakthrough in the texture world,
ROSE AND ASHES is sure to turn heads in your garden.  Fertile, Bud Count 18, Branching 3
[(Shallow Water  X  Lighter Than Air)  X  (Mandalay Bay Music  X  Seedling)]


*RUM RUNNER  (Dan Hansen 2011 Fall) $50 C Evergreen 28" Early Reblooms 7" Flower. Narrow. Bitone Pink petals with Red band and edge White sharks teeth on petals, Yellow throat and pale pink sepals. SDL X SDL     Fertile       BC 15  BR3

SAD SACK (Dan Hansen, FALL 2013)  $70C


Narrow melon red with cream teeth and yellow throat. Recurves, lays its petals back like it does NOT care!



*SALACIOUS SMILE  (Dan Hansen FALL 2012)  $50


EVERGREEN, 34" SCAPES, MIDSEASON, REBLOOMS, 5.75" FLOWERS, 4 WAY BRANCHING, 20 BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS! Pale pink with wide pink border and thin cream white edge, lime green throat. Big ruffles, less than round, and sepals recurve. (unkown)

*SAME LOVE  (Dan Hansen, 2014)  $150DF    #1RENE4

EVERGREEN, 28" SCAPES, EARLY SEASON, RE-BLOOMS, 6" FLOWERS, 3 WAY BRANCHING, 18 BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS!   Always a forward thinker, SAME LOVE shows that edge-no-eyes can be done with elegance and sass.  An amazing ruby red edge blazes around the tips of the gay, creamy white petals and sepals, never missing a beat or fading away.  This beauty is untainted by any "judging" eye color; mainstream thinking is a thing of the past because as Macklemore & Ryan Lewis would tell you, "Whatever god you believe in, we come from the same one, strip away the fear, underneath, it's all the same love."  HOLLER BACK GIRL X ROBIN LEE




*SARACEN BLADE  (Dan Hansen FALL 2012)  $70C

EVERGREEN, 24" SCAPES, EARLY EARLY, REBLOOMS, 7" FLOWERS, 4 WAY BRANCHING, 20 BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS! Narrow dusty Rose petaloids with black band and white teeth, pale green throat. (CHEERY CHARM X (seedling x ROCK STAR))



*SANDY MANDY    (Dan Hansen Fall 2010)    $25 C
Evergreen, 32" Scapes, Early-Mid Season, Re-blooms, 8" Flower, UFO, Like going to the beach on a perfect summer day, this narrow yellow unusual form is sure to make you relax.  With great size and plant, the yellow narrow spatulate petals are trimmed with a sandy ruffled edge. For a self, this flower garners plenty of  attention! The motion on the sepals is reminiscent of waves crashing onto white sandy beaches.  And like driving home from the ocean with sand between your toes SANDY MANDY is a reminder of a balmy summer day!
Fertile, Bud Count 20, Branching 4 (Ocean Front Property  X  Twisted Mint Julep)



*SAY WHAT  (Dan Hansen FALL 2012)  $30

EVERGREEN, 36" SCAPES, MIDSEASON, REBLOOMS, 7" FLOWERS, 5 WAY BRANCHING, 25 BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS! Narrow pink with rose band and edge with yellow teeth, large yellow throat. named by Jim Jeffcoat! (seedling x FRILLY LILLIAN) X VORACIOUS VIXEN




*SCRAMBLED EGGS AND BACON (Dan Hansen Spring 2010)    $35

Evergreen, 18" Scapes, Early Season, Re-blooms, 6.5" Flowers An American favorite for early mornings, this flower resembles the breakfast entrée with dark pink petals like sizzling bacon, chartreuse throat and "scrambled" edge. Staring at this delicious home cooking will leave your mouth watering! Pollen fertile, no pods, small weak plants. Bud Count 15, Branching 3 (Cool Starlight X Crane Fighting)


*SCARLET AFFAIR    (Dan Hansen Spring 2010)    $20c
Evergreen, 28" Scapes, Early-Mid Season, Re-blooms, 6" Flowers, No one will be able to keep quiet once they find out about this! Like a juicy piece of office gossip, this flower is lusted after, with ribbed Scarlet Red petals, a risqué white edge and naughty yellow throat. Superb branching and bud count will have any gardener going wild! NO water marks and sun fast! Fertile! Bud Count 25, Branching 5

[(Girls Gone Wild X Fluff and Stuff) X (Hopeless Romantic X tet Grace Pierce)]




*SCARFACE         (Dan Hansen Fall 2009)    $20 C
Ev, 26” scapes, E, Re, 5.5” flowers,  Named for the veins and sculpting that create “scars” on the petals; this flat flower has a chartreuse throat that bulges out into chiseled rosy-red cheeks.  A picoteed yellow edge and obtuse sepals helps accentuate these lovely marks.  Increases rapidly! BC 25, BR 5    Fertile both ways!
[(Seedling  X  Keys to the Kingdom)  X  Parting The Red Sea]


*SEXY SAMANTHA  (Dan Hansen 2012)  $50 C

Sauntering into our “SEXY” line of daylilies comes SEXY SAMANTHA; she’s round, sultry and totally full of herself!  Bright Pink-Rose petals are blushing with the glow from a creamy watermark and gold throat. Voluptuous and ardent with blunt, wide sepals and a passionate bubbly cream edge, this cultivar will let you give in to those cravings for something a bit more provoking in your garden. Evergreen 28" Scapes, Mid Season, Reblooms, 6" Flowers, 3 way branching, 15 bud count, Fertile both ways! (unknown × unknown)




*SEXY SARA    $40 C (Dan Hansen – Spring 2011)  Evergreen, 25" Scapes, Early-Mid Season, Re-blooms, 6" Flowers, This daylily works well under pressure and is truly a performance daylily! Named for an emergency room nurse from Central Florida, SEXY SARA is sure to ameliorate your garden! Hot pink petals cause a heat wave of fervor from the yellow throat to the ruffled yellow edge. Can get extremely fancy performing under Florida heat, this daylily will have you wanting to see more! 4 way branching, 20 bud count, Fertile both way! (7BR2 X BANGLES AND BOWS)




*SEXY SAVANNAH    (Dan Hansen Spring 2010)    $20 C
Evergreen, 24" Scapes, Late Season, Re-blooms, 5.5" Flowers, You don’t have to be from Georgia to enjoy this flirty flower! Sultry coral pink petals are pinched at the ends and flushed with a big coral pink and yellow edge that wiggles on down to the provocative yellow throat. Blunt sepals compliment this fetching flower. Rarely polys. Fertile! Bud Count 18, Branching 4

[{[(Pink Intrigue X Seedling)F2 X Chicks Dig It] X (Julianna’s Jewel X Ice Cream Social)} X Cindy Daniel]


*SEXY STELLA  (Dan Hansen, 2014)  $200DF    #9FF

EVERGREEN, 24" SCAPES, MID SEASON, RE-BLOOMS, 5.5" FLOWERS, 4 WAY BRANCHING, 20 BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS! Strutting her way into my "SEXY" collection of pinks and corals, comes SEXY STELLA! Fluent in the language of fertility and beauty, the soft coral-pink petals invite and welcome you in to their warm, softly sculpted folds and rich sultry golden throat. Ruffled edges and excellent color will have you blushing like you saw your first crush all over again!





*SHAKA  (Dan Hansen FALL 2012)  $35C  UNUSUAL FORM

EVERGREEN, 28" SCAPES, MIDSEASON, REBLOOMS, 8" FLOWERS, 4 WAY BRANCHING, 20 BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS! Narrow yellow cream with green throat. Hawaiian locals use the shaka to convey what they call the "Aloha Spirit", a gesture of friendship and understanding between the various ethnic cultures that reside within Hawaii, and thus it does not have a direct semantic to literal translation. Depending on context it can also be used to communicate notions such as "thank you", "hi", "howzit", and the like. LOVE COMFORTS THE SOUL X SANDY MANDY




*SHANNON ASHLEY     (Dan Hansen 2009)     C $15
Ev, 36” scapes, EE, Re, 6” flowers, Noc, Ext, Tall, Round, Red with a white edge on all segments and green throat. Love tall, uniform, clear, hard working, beautiful, branched …. Daylilies! We need more tall, bright, very early DLs. Certainly a cut above the rest. Named after a wonderful young woman from Mass who is very much like the flower and her Mom! Very fertile both ways. BR 6 BC 28 (Sdl X Sdl)



*SHE GOT THE LOOK   (Dan Hansen 2009)        $30 C
Ev, 28” scapes, M, Re, 5.25” flowers, Noc, Ext, Flat, Edge-no-eye White and wide hot pink border with yellow to green throat. Perfect flat tear drop shaped petals with near electric border on the purest of white. Tiny sepals. Over ten years of ENE breeding brought this beauty to us without the a “bling” gaudy edge! A quick check of the green foliage tells you this color is indeed real! Absolutely without fault! Very fertile both ways BR 5 BC 24
Sdl X Sdl


*SILLY BANDS    $40 C (Dan Hansen – Spring 2011) Named for the silicone bracelets that are being traded and collected among children this French rose flower has a sculpted relief yellow throat that wiggles out to red veins and trails out to the piecrust edges. Maybe some day we can hybridize daylilies with eyes that look like animals and cartoon characters! Evergreen, 22" Scapes, Mid-Late Season, Re-blooms, 5.5" Flowers, 4 way branching, 20 bud count, Fertile both ways! (sdlg x RASTA BEATS)




*SHEILA BEILA (Dan Hansen 2011 Fall) $40 C Evergreen 24" Early Early Reblooms 5.5" Flower.  Sculpted Relief. Edge no Eye Dark Pink border, Peach Orange petaloids, long carved ridges on petals, Green throat. Named for Sheila Woo of Savannah, GA who enjoyed seeing this in my garden. SDL X ?            Fertile



 SKATER (Dan Hansen, FALL 2013)  $100DF

EVERGREEN, 36" SCAPES, MID SEASON, RE-BLOOMS, 8" FLOWERS, 3 WAY BRANCHING, 18 BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS! sdl# INTE7 Dark plum eye and border on pink sand yellow throat and abundant teeth near eye, Large tweener (not narrow, not round!) tall scape.




*SMOKIN’ HOT    $50 C (Dan Hansen – Spring 2011) A red fervor sweeps over the round bloom all the way from the small yellow-green throat to ruffled petals with a thin white edge. SMOKIN’ HOT is the best red in the entire garden, which means: water-fast, sun-fast, consistent and true performance! I believe this daylily would have a 40 bud count if you actually fertilize it! Evergreen, 26" Scapes, Mid-Late Season, Re-blooms, 5.5" Flowers, 5 way branching, 25 bud count, Fertile both ways! (sdlg1 × GOOD JUJU)


*SON OF TALON     (Dan Hansen Fall 2007)     C $15
30" scapes, Early, 7" flowers, Re-blooms. Narrow bronzy red bi-tone with paler sepals, yellow green throat and white teeth. BC 22, BR 3.


SPIRITUAL GIFT (Dan Hansen, FALL 2013)  $100

EVERGREEN, 26" SCAPES, MID SEASON, RE-BLOOMS, 5.5" FLOWERS, 3 WAY BRANCHING, 15 BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS! sdl# 1BE6 Round sand color with complex eye and thin edge, lime green throat.





*SQUEEZE BOX      (Dan Hansen Fall 2009)    C $15
Ev, 25” scapes, E, 5” flowers, Re,    Like an old-fashioned accordion, this flower has a whole slew of symmetrical creases.  The rose-pink sculpted petals, rose eye and chartreuse throat are like music to any gardener’s ear!  Add round form, re-curved sepals and a ruffled edge for a harmonious performance.  BC 18, BR 3    Fertile both ways!

Our Miss Ruby  X  [((Ed Brown  X  Bodacious Blush)  X  Fluff and Stuff) X  Seedling]


SQUIRREL BEATER      (Dan Hansen Fall 09)    $40DF

Ev 28” E RE 5”      As quirky as the name itself, this flower is one that will hold your attention, with an orchid colored eye on a linen background.  Add a matching orchid edge to the peculiarity, with petals that pinch in at the base and recurved sepals, it cannot be thumped!  Small plants. BC 18, BR 4    Fertile both ways! [(Amber Nichole  X  tet Navajo Princess)  X  Kansas City Kicker]  X  Unknown




*STIMULUS PACKAGE     (Dan Hansen Fall 2010)    $15
Evergreen, 36" Scapes, Mid Season, Re-blooms, 5.5" Flowers, We've heard the story before, about fixing the economy and reducing taxes...well this flower makes none of those claims!  But you can energize your garden with this gorgeous flower!  Pale pink petals and sepals light up the yellow-green throat and violet veins inflame the lavender eye and matching lavender edge. Great height and branching make this the perfect STIMULUS PACKAGE for any daylily enthusiast! Fertile, Bud Count 18, Branching 4 [{Splendid Touch  X  [(Chama Valley  X  Bam)  X  Visual Intrigue]}  X   Seedling]}] This flower does NOT have as much blue as the video indicates.



*STRAIGHT SHOOTER  (Dan Hansen 2013)  $100C

EVERGREEN, 28" SCAPES, MID SEASON, RE-BLOOMS, 5" FLOWERS, 5 WAY BRANCHING, 28 BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS! sdl# 1nR A large chartreuse chamber throat says "put up your dukes" as it aims its gun barrel  midrib at the other non-pleated flowers in the garden. I've found that pleated flowers open better on cool mornings than non-pleated flowers do! Straight from the chamber comes red violet pleated petals that are peppered with Annie Oakley style ruffled edges. I learned a long time ago from my dad that honesty was the best policy and to always be a STRAIGHT SHOOTER. SCULPTED PLEATED, red violet. pink watermark, lighter mid rib, and large yellow throat. (PURSED LIPS X ABSOLUTE RIPPER)



STUDEBAKER HAWK (D. Hansen)   $9C     


SEV, 20” Midseason, Recurrent, 7”.  UFO. Yellow petaloids and a complex triangular  violet eye with plum veins and the smokey to green throat. The triple colored edge of violet, plum and gold knobs and teeth help to complete the picture! Spatulate with touching petals and narrow sepals. Short.  5 way branching.  27 BC. Fertile but pod difficult!




*SUGAR POP    (Dan Hansen Spring 2010)    $25C
Evergreen, 24" Scapes, Early Season, Re-blooms, 6.5" Flowers, As adorable as any sweet innocent child, this flower is sure to make you smile with great branching, bud count, and bloom size! Bubbling chartreuse edge hugs the salmon pink border and skips down to the matching chartreuse throat. Cream petals burst with energy as they curl back next to blunt cream sepals. Named after a precious little girl from Central Florida! Blooms over several months here! Always opens and is very consistent! GREAT PLANT grew in my "wasteland" and PERFORMED. My job is to TEST DLs and THROW AWAY poor performers! Fertile! Bud Count 25, Branching 5
    [At First Blush X (Pink Intrigue X Seedling)] X (Fluff and Stuff X Linda’s Magic)




*SULTRY BREEZES     (Dan Hansen 2009)     C $20
Ev, 23” scapes, EM, Re, 5” flowers, Noc, Ext, Frag, Flat, Sculpted, Melon with yellow to green throat. Yellow edge with heavy ruffles and matching surface ridges. Very consistent. This beauty has strong garden presence! Fancy form, tropical colors, big ruffles, dramatic sculpting and great performance draws all to it! It is hard sometimes to quantify attraction. This flower had visitors "ohhing" and "aweing!!!" Very fertile both ways BR 4 BC 22 [(Sdl x SPECTRAL ELEGANCE) X KEYS TO THE KINGDOM]




*SWIMMING DEEP  (Dan Hansen, SPRING 2013)  $100

EVERGREEN, 24" SCAPES, EARLY SEASON, RE-BLOOMS, 6.5" FLOWERS, 3 WAY BRANCHING, 15 BUD COUNT, FERTILE BOTH WAYS! sdl# 0FSK   We've all been there, stunned by the amazing life around us, completely engrossed in our surroundings. As if absorbed with Poseidon's power, the yellow green throat on this flower is swirling in a sea of red violet petals with deep relief sculpted "waves". A yellow edge floats carelessly around the curves of the petals and as it reaches the throat it turns white like the sea foam topping the crest of a wave. Seeing the depth on this flower will have you SWIMMING DEEP in a sea of love.
SCULPTED RELIEF, ROUND, flat, red violet, white edge, triangular yellow green throat. (SCARFACE X KNUCKLEHEAD)


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